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 SC2 line defense tips!

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SC2 line defense tips! Empty
PostSubject: SC2 line defense tips!   SC2 line defense tips! EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 8:16 pm

Post tips and tricks to the mod here.

Place enough lines of marines to cover the top right near where the guys spawn and make a zigzag pattern long enough for your units to destroy the stronger units. Then make sure you are sending enemys to gain income. You can go 2-3 rounds without upgrading your base if you have it long enough so you get a higher income. Overtime upgrade the marines and get a few of the $500 builders and upgrade those all the way.(they are the strongest units for defense) Work up to the second buildings units and send in $1000-$2000 units which will make your income soar. Once its high enough send in supermedics and odins but make sure you have saved enough for sudden death (thats how i pwned wasted and star) Very Happy

I was wondering what the tower was that you had wasted that took out my huge flying things. What of the 3 things on the bottom right of the game did you send your workers in to get it?
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SC2 line defense tips!
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