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 Parenthood Season 2: Trouble Ahead for the Braverman Couples

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Parenthood Season 2: Trouble Ahead for the Braverman Couples Empty
PostSubject: Parenthood Season 2: Trouble Ahead for the Braverman Couples   Parenthood Season 2: Trouble Ahead for the Braverman Couples EmptyTue Sep 14, 2010 1:51 am

The first season of Parenthood focused Alias dvd on the youngest of the Braverman children. There was Max's Asperger's Syndrome, weeds dvd Haddie's first love, Amber's disastrous one night stand, Crosby's surprise son.The King of Queens dvd In its second season, the focus will shift to the parents.

"[Adam and Kristina] are stillMidsomer?Murders?dvdtrying to figure out Max's condition while raising Haddie, Friends?dvda teenager, and also dealing with their own issues, of which there are manydoctor who dvd box setand more to come," Monica Potter tells TVGuide.com.project runway dvd box set "It's a scary thing because the divorce rate of parents project runway season 7 dvd box setthat have kids with Asperger's [Syndrome] is very high,law and order dvd box set so they're working on that first."

As Kristina and Adam (Peter Krause) grapple supernatural dvd box setwith their existing issues, Julia's (Erika Christensen) desire to have a second child will make things shaun the sheep dvd tense with her husband, Joel (Sam Jaeger).

William Baldwin joins Parenthood

"Julia decides she wants a The office dvdsecond child, which is a grand idea as soon as she can get her husband on board with it," The office season 6 dvd box setChristensen says, adding that this season will feature alone time between Dexter dvd the couple.

"There's a big miscommunication Entourage dvdand she doesn't really realize that they're not on the same page there.House MD dvd She lets her enthusiasm blind her."

The Bravermans' relationship Scrubs dvd troubles extend to patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia). She may have Desperate Housewives dvd box setallowed him back in the house following his bad business decision and Desperate Housewives dvd even worse personal indiscretions, but the two will continue to Desperate Housewives dvd seasonwork at their relationship.

Check out photos from Desperate Housewives season 5Parenthood

The only non-committed sibling, Desperate Housewives season 6 Sarah (Lauren Graham), won't be lonesome for long, Dawson's Creek dvd seasonthanks to two possible new suitors. "The only single one, having all the fun," Christensen jokes.

Parenthood's new season premieres Dawson's Creek dvdTuesday at 10/9c on NBC.

While the relationships betweenDark Angel series dvd characters were messy in Life Unexpected's first season,Dark Angel dvd box set things are about to get even messier: In Season 2, Cate (Shiri Appleby) Dark Angel dvdand Ryan (Kerr Smith) will be navigating their new marriage, Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) will deal with rejection, Dark Angel seasonand Lux (Britt Robertson) will dive head-first into a May-December relationship.

Life Unexpected creator Lost dvd season Liz Tigelaar: "Cate and Baze aren't over"

Season 2 opens on Lux, Ryan Lost dvd series dvdand Cate's return from the big honeymoon — but not all is well in married land.Lost dvd "Cate and Ryan are dealing with very Lost complete series dvdgrown up issues in beginning a marriage,Heroes series dvd" says executive producer Liz Tigelaar.

"Every happy couple isn't happy for that long,Heroes season 4" Robertson says. "There's a lot of secrets that are revealed about both of them and they're learning how to deal Heroes dvdwith it, and if they can deal with it. Heroes dvd seasonsThere's some stuff from Ryan's past that hasn't been revealed either, and he isn't the perfect guyXena Warrior Princess series dvdthat Cate thought he was."

Little did Naomi know Alias dvd that when she cried wolf, alleging that Mr. Cannon sexually harassed her, the lie would weeds dvdcome back to haunt her in the worst way. At the end of 90210's last season, she found herself trapped in a classroom The King of Queens dvdby the faculty advisor she accused — and what trespassed that night will Midsomer?Murders?dvd send her into a downward spiral.

When the show returns Friends?dvd for Season 3 (Monday, 8/7c on The CW), Naomi will be boasting to friends on the phone that she's doctor who dvd box set winding down her summer in project runway dvd box setthe fabulous French Riviera. Instead, she's been hiding out at project runway season 7 dvd box seta motel of the same name.

AnnaLynne McCord, law and order dvd box setwho plays Naomi and is a Goodwill Ambassadorsupernatural dvd box set for anti-sexual exploitation group The Blind Project,shaun the sheep dvd tells TVGuide.com that her character's reaction is pretty muted one, at first. "A lot of time, people keep this kind of thing inside for years. The office dvdThey can't tell anyone," the actress says. "We're going The office season 6 dvd box setto show a range of what can go wrong when you do that. Dexter dvdThere will be times Naomi can appear to be a bit Entourage dvd crazy because she's trying to cover House MD dvdup what happened to her."

Series executive producer Rebecca Sinclair says, "Naomi feels deeply disempowered by the rape, and tragically — and mistakenly — feels like she's to blame."

90210's Matt Lanter reveals Scrubs dvdwho will give Liam a run for Annie's love

Naomi will overcompensate Desperate Housewives dvd box setfor her secret by being "too on," Desperate Housewives dvdsays Jessica Stroup, who plays Silver. "She's going through some dark Desperate Housewives dvd seasonstuff, and Naomi's way of dealing with it is Desperate Housewives dvdtrying to be who she thinks everyone sees her as: the sexy, confident girl.Desperate Housewives dvd box set She's hooking up with all the guys, Scrubs dvdeven the ones who are taken. She's just really pushing it and Silver,House MD dvd being her best friend, eventually picks up that it's an act."

But when Naomi shares that Desperate Housewives dvd box setshe's been abused, Silver doesn't buy it — Naomi, after all, has just been caught in a lie about harassment. McCord says filming their Desperate Housewives dvd confrontation was rough. "I broke down during this scene where Silver is nailing Naomi because Desperate Housewives dvd seasonshe thinks she's lying again. Their friendship is hurt because of it, Desperate Housewives season 5and it really caused me such anxiety.Desperate Housewives season 6 I had to walk off set because I was hysterically bawling."

90210's Ryan Eggold: Dawson's Creek dvd seasonBeing a dad-to-be gives Ryan some perspective

How I met your mother dvd
How I met your mother dvd season
Everybody hates Chris 1
Everybody hates Chris dvd season
Everybody hates Chris dvd
Everybody hates Chris series dvd
Remington Steele dvd season
Remington Steele dvd
Remington Steele dvd box set
Remington Steele series dvd
Xena Warrior Princess dvd season
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Parenthood Season 2: Trouble Ahead for the Braverman Couples
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